Disney Concert Hall – 3

Still outside the Walt Disney Concert Hall…

Walt Disney Concert Hall 31

As you can probably guess, there were some concerns when the concert hall first opened with the blinding glare generated by the sun’s reflection of the sun.

Walt Disney Concert Hall 32

Most of the exterior has been given a matte finish, reducing the glare (not to mention eliminating some pretty extreme hot spots on nearby sidewalks and buildings).

Walt Disney Concert Hall 33

I believe the different coloring here is a result of additional dulling to fix that.

Walt Disney Concert Hall 34

Moving through the upper exterior area, we get a view of maintenance accessways.

Walt Disney Concert Hall 37

It takes a combination of methods to clean the outside of the building. In addition to a swing-stage and really long brushes, here’s some kinda water cannon.

Walt Disney Concert Hall 36
Wandering around the upper exterior passages can be quite stunning.

Walt Disney Concert Hall 35

I don’t believe these areas are usually open for the public, but they should be – they’re downright alien.

Walt Disney Concert Hall 38

You almost expect to find James Franco trapped in here sawing off his arm.

Walt Disney Concert Hall 39

While the view from the roof is nothing special, I have to admit that I really love the LA City Hall building.

Walt Disney Concert Hall 40

And down this way is the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA if you’re nasty) and that aforementioned Subway (there really is a Subway over there. I didn’t make that up).

Walt Disney Concert Hall 30

Speaking of art, this is the only piece of art inside the Concert Hall. Xzibit would be rather underwhelmed (parents, ask your kids).

Walt Disney Concert Hall 41

So that concludes the tour. It’s only an hour, but it’s totally worth checking out.

Walt Disney Concert Hall 42

Of course you exit through the gift shop (love that mirror mobile, by the way).

Walt Disney Concert Hall 43

If you squint a bit at the right side of the picture, you should be able to see where it starts to say Walt Disney Concert Hall. Pretty cool subdued signage.

Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Just across the street is the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, former home of both the LA Philharmonic and the Academy Awards Ceremony (this is the third Oscar location we’ve seen in the past two days. Apparently you can’t throw a rock in this town without finding a nice venue). These days the Pavillion is home to the LA Opera.

Fountains near the WDCH

Right across from that, there’s a nice public park area.


This is Grand Park LA, which bills itself as the park for everyone. I’m not gonna lie – we just wandered over because there was a Starbucks.

Exterior Umami Anaheim

From there, we hopped back in the car and drove to Anaheim. Once there, we swung by Umami Burger.

Umami Burger

Yeah, this is pretty amazing right here. This is the kind of burger that needs no garnish.

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