Universal Studios Hollywood – 3

Continuing on the Universal Studio tram tour.

Universal Studios Digital Services Universal Studios Hollywood

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that digital services logo a lot, but I’ll be damned if I can tell you what exactly it is they do there. Maybe it’s something I’ve seen on Blu-ray discs?

Not much Universal Studios Hollywood

As you move through, they show clips from movies that were shot in the particular area.

Garbage Universal Studios Hollywood

Here’s a pro-tip for anyone going: make sure to get a seat on the extreme left side of the tram. You’ll be guaranteed to get the best views of whatever the hell this crap is.

Golf Carts Universal Studios Hollywood

Sure are a lot of golf carts on this route. No wonder they’re fighting.

I should totally give prizes to anyone who figured out that reference.

Backlot Universal Studios Hollywood

I’m guessing this is part of the New York backdrops.

City Facade Universal Studios Hollywood

It is pretty cool seeing how they’re just well-done facades.

City Facade 2 Universal Studios Hollywood

One area I thought we were supposed to see on the tour was the Courthouse Square set used in the Back to the Future films. If we passed it, I guess nobody noticed.

Quiet Please Universal Studios Hollywood

At one point the trams stopped and we got the “Quiet Please“ screen. Of course we didn’t actually see anything shooting but those microphones are crazy sensitive.

Back of the backlot Universal Studios Hollywood

I guess this is the back of one of those facades.

Bluegrass Films bungalow Universal Studios Hollywood

We also cruised past some of the production bungalows. Based on light Googling, I believe this one is currently home to producer Scott Stuber’s Bluegrass Films.

Hannibal Production Bungalow Universal Studios Hollywood

No Googling necessary to figure out what this bungalow is all about.

Dusty City facade Universal Studios Hollywood

I really don’t know what this is supposed to be. I kind of get a British vibe.

Mexican facade Universal Studios Hollywood

Obviously this area is supposed to be a street with a closed Taco Bell.

Washout area Universal Studios Hollywood

Something I didn’t realize about the tram tour is that there are several “show scenes” during it, where some sort of special effect is shown off (many of these show scenes exist (or existed) at Universal Studios Florida as standalone attractions). Pictured above is the “flash flood” area where a sudden downhill flood surprises tram riders.

Fast and the Furious cars

The tram also pass a small section dedicated to film-used cars. Obviously you have to have some vehicles from the Fast and the Furious movies. It is, after all, the biggest franchise in Universal’s history. I swear I’m not making that part up.

BTTF cars Universal Studios Hollywood

Good to see Back to the Future vehicles getting some love (you’ll recall that the Delorean was featured in the NBCUniversal Experience on the last page).

Flintstones cars Universal Studios Hollywood

The most shocking thing to me is that nobody purchased these Flintstones cars from the actual production and burned them. I don’t understand why Universal would keep reminding people that this movie existed. At least they aren’t props from the sequel…

Jurassic Park 2 vehicles Universal Studios Hollywood

Speaking of props from unnecessary sequels, I believe these InGen trucks were used in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. At least it was better than the unwatchable JPIII.

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