Sony Studio Tour – 3

Nah, I’m just kidding. They totally let us take pictures in there.

Jeopardy booths

Unfortunately, the set was off limits because they were working on a complete remodel. I have to begrudgingly admit that I was actually kinda bummed out about that.

Karen at the player podium

But they do have these cool mock-ups for photo opportunities.

The answering machines

Here’s the touchscreens that are used for Final Jeopardy.

Steve at the podium

My button doesn’t work. That’s not what your mother said last night, Trebek.

Covers and the music

In addition to creating the show, Merv Griffin also composed the theme music (though it wasn’t the original theme). He estimated at one point that just that 30 second piece of music (originally a lullaby for his son) had earned him $70 million in royalties.


In addition to the dozens of Daytime Emmy Awards the show has won, it is the only game show in history to ever win a Peabody Award. How you like them apples, Sajak?

At the podium

They also have a mock up of the host podium.

Alex's notes

It’s cool to see what Alex keeps on there during the actual show.

Studio Store

The tour finishes off with a stop at the Studio Store (jeez, did Universal design this place?). Unfortunately, they didn’t really have anything terribly interesting for sale.


For this last leg of our trip, we stayed at the Miyako hotel in LA’s Little Tokyo district.

Miyako Room

The rooms were pretty darn nice, and the rates were solid.

View from Miyako room

View out the window wasn’t terribly memorable, but who cares.

Miyako Awesome Toilet

What was memorable was the toilet.

Robot Toilet

We are so getting one of these things. They’re beyond awesome.

Street outside Miyako

Being in the Little Tokyo area, we figured we’d be inundated with great culinary choices. We ended up going to the Suehiro Cage, just across the street from the hotel.

Karen's meal

This is what Karen ordered. I have no idea what it is. Probably some tofu stuff.

Steve's Meal

I went with chicken teriyaki and mixed tempura, completely forgetting that I generally don’t care much for tempura. This didn’t change my opinion of it. I don’t blame the restaurant for that – it’s my own fault for not really thinking about what I was getting.

I will say that this was a really expensive meal, so it sucks that I didn’t like it much.

LA City Hall

We were just around the corner from Los Angeles City Hall, which is cool to check out when you’re so accustomed to seeing it show up in various movies and TV shows.

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