Six Flags Over Georgia

Hey, this is kind of an odd TPS Report – we go to Six Flags Over Georgia a lot, so we have a lot of pictures of stuff that isn’t there anymore. In the interest of being interesting, we decided to keep some of that in and point out the older stuff.

Six Flags Over Georgia entrance plaza

Few chains seem to cause as much derision in the enthusiast community as Six Flags. Many theme park enthusiasts look at them with disdain, calling them “iron parks” because of their overreliance on coasters and “off the shelf” flat rides. Coaster enthusiasts, however, are more than happy to lap the place up.

For many coaster folks, the ride experience is the most important bit, and theme is an afterthought. While I would normally find myself agreeing conceptually with the theme park people, I think Six Flags Over Georgia is a shining example of the best of both worlds. They certainly have excellent roller coasters, but there is also a lot of character in the park that adds to the overall experience. That’s not to say there aren’t any faults, but by and large I do think this is a great park.
Entrance Plaza panned Six Flags Over Georgia

The entrance plaza is charming enough.

Entrance Promenade Six Flags Over Georgia

Like many parks, the promenade functions as a sort of “main street,” containing an eatery as well as multiple merchandise shops to entice customers on the way out.

Marketplace Six Flags Over Georgia

The Marketplace is the largest shop in this area, with merchandise running the gamut from coaster shirts to Warner Bros. licensed plush.

Maps Six Flags Over Georgia

At the end of the promenade you’ll find your park maps, along with this incredibly helpful indicator.  Thanks, guys!

Karen and Marvin Six Flags Over Georgia

A small stage is at the far end of the promenade, and it’s not uncommon to have characters roaming the area. Here, Marvin gets his picture taken with Karen.

Scorcher Entrance 2 Six Flags Over Georgia

Moving clockwise through the park, the first thing you encounter is the Bolliger and Mabillard (B&M) standup coaster, the Georgia Scorcher.

Scorcher Train 2 Six Flags Over Georgia

Built in 1999, this is the newest stand-up coaster out there. I guess the novelty of the ride experience wore off quickly. All things considered, it’s still a solid ride.

Scorcher 2 Six Flags Over Georgia

They didn’t go for length or speed. They went for an overall well-engineered ride with exciting elements that didn’t go all Chris Brown on riders’ skulls.

Scorcher 3 Six Flags Over Georgia

Mission accomplished.  I’m not a big fan of the whole stand-up concept (even when I get the bicycle seat properly placed to avoid massive testicular blunt trauma), but I still really enjoy
Scorcher. Of the five or so stand-ups I’ve been on, this is certainly the best.

Georgia Scorcher Six Flags Over Georgia

And yes, I’m a sucker for tracks through loops. It just looks boss.

Tunnel at Six Flags Over Georgia

As you continue into the park, you pass through this pretty cool tunnel thing.

Hey, remember what I said in the intro about how some of the stuff presented here has changed? Well, the next three pictures are all of removed attractions. Don’t plan a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia If you’re interested in checking out these next few things, ‘cause you will be S.O.L.

Shake Rattle and Roll Six Flags Over Georgia

First up is Shake Rattle and Roll. This unusually shaped building was once used for cinema-dome shows (popular in the 80s, not so much now). When they discontinued that, they put a scrambler inside the building. With 50s music and images projected on the inside of the dome, this was certainly one of the most original scrambler installations out there. It was removed, however, in 2010.

Fear Fall

Free Fall was one of those Intamin drop towers that were (like the aforementioned cinema-dome shows) really popular in the 80s. These things are definitely a dying breed – new technology has made them antiques, which is kind of a shame. They were more fun than they had any right to be. Free Fall was pulled out in 2006.

Fearman's Manor SIx Flags over Georgia

Rounding out our tour of closed attractions, we find Fearman’s Manor. This was an upcharge haunted walk-through attraction. I do wish I could tell you more about this, but I don’t do upcharge haunted walk-through attractions.

Sorry, I already paid to get in.