Six Flags Over Georgia – 3

Well, I doubt they’re waiting on these awesome games to open up.
Goliath games Six Flags Over Georgia

I mean, nothing against the games. But they’re not something you wait for.

Goliath Station Six Flags Over Georgia

We’re waiting for Goliath to open.

Goliath 10 Six Flags Over Georgia

Goliath’s 2006 opening was a huge deal for the park.  While they already had many great coasters, this one put them on a larger stage.

Goliath 17 Six Flags Over Georgia

Topping out at 200 feet, this was the first hypercoaster in the southeast (okay, that actually depends on whether you count Virginia as being part of the southeast.  I don’t, and the entire Commonwealth should thank me).

Goliath 3 Six Flags Over Georgia

Goliath wakes her riders up fast with a 170 foot, 70mph first drop.

Goliath Six Flags Over Georgia

Not letting up, the train crests another hill (with riders who aren’t fat bags of crap experiencing some sick ejector air) and plummets into a 175 foot drop.

(Okay, sorry about that “fat bag of crap” thing. That was one specific person)

Goliath 7 Six Flags Over Georgia

As the coaster pulls out of that drop, the track leads outside the park.

Goliath 20 Six Flags Over Georgia

A nicely banked left turn leads the trains into yet another drop.

Goliath 19 Six Flags Over Georgia

That third drop is only about 130 feet, but riders are still getting mad air time.

Goliath 2 Six Flags Over Georgia

After the third drop comes a massive 540 degree downward helix.

Goliath 1 Six Flags Over Georgia

Coming out of the helix, it’s a mad race back to the station with camelback hill after camelback hill.

Goliath 4 Six Flags Over Georgia

Riders are still catching air with each of these hills. The amount of air is reduced, of course, but they’re all still what I would call substantial pops.

Goliath 13 Six Flags Over Georgia

In true B&M style, the entire experience is remarkably smooth. The worst I’ve ever felt is a slight bit of rattle around the helix (and even that was a one-time thing).

Goliath 14 Six Flags Over Georgia

Goliath utilizes the older 4-across train style, rather than the open “stadium style” seats they’ve been using more recently. That’s good for me, as apparently my birthing hips don’t agree with the new style.

Goliath 6 Six Flags Over Georgia

It’s a very fun, exhilarating ride – easily the most thrilling coaster in the park (but not my pick for best overall coaster in the park).

Goliath Six Flags Over Georgia

It’s also quite popular. If it’s a busy day, be ready to wait. But with 36 riders per train, it won’t be that long.

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