Six Flags Over Georgia – 2

Most of those attractions were removed to make room for Dare Devil Dive:

Daredevil Dive Establishing Shot Six Flags Over Georgia

Opened in 2011, Dare Devil Dive is a customized Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter featuring an all-new lapbar only restraint system.

Daredevil Dive 5 Six Flags Over Georgia

As you can see from the hump, the lift hill is 90 degrees straight up.  At the top of the lift hill, the train very slowly creeps over the edge to the 95 degree (yes, that’s basically beyond-vertical) drop.

Daredevil Dive 4 Six Flags Over Georgia

At this exact moment, just before the car is released and plummets, riders suddenly realize why that lapbar-only design is kind of a big deal.

Daredevil Dive 1 Six Flags Over Georgia

You have to have a LOT of faith in your lap bar to be able to have your hands up here. On my first ride, I tried to keep my arms up. As soon as the train crested the hill, I had a death grip on that bar.

Daredevil Dive 3 Six Flags Over Georgia

Of course, lap bars are perfectly safe and there’s no reason to get freaked out and all that, but still. For a supposedly family-friendly coaster, this thing packs a pretty surprisingly severe wallop.

Daredevil Dive Heartline Roll

Even with a pretty casual maximum speed of 52mph, there are still some pretty good freak-out moments. Shortly after the MCBR, the train does a heartline roll that feels specifically designed to dump out riders.

Daredevil Dive 2 Six Flags Over Georgia

I don’t love Dare Devil Dive, but I think it’s a fairly good fit for the park.   I wish they had gone with something a little more family friendly (as in “no inversions”) like maybe one of those Tony Hawk spinning coasters.

Six Flags Over Georgia Daredevil Dive from backstage

It must be noted that this year they’ve added the VR gimmick to this coaster. I’m not really interested in that stuff.  I just spent four grand getting LASIK last year so I wouldn’t have to ride with something strapped to my head.

Karen and Wile E Coyote

Karen is quite popular, as the Coyote wants a pic as well.

Dee Jays Six Flags Over Georgia

Directly across from Dare Devil Dive is Dee Jays.  This is a run of the mill burger and fries joint.

Really Expensive Chicken Six Flags Over Georgia

Oh, and chicken. $45 worth of chicken, apparently. I don’t mean to tell Six Flags how to do their business but $11.25 per person is NOT a family meal deal. It’s bloody extortion. There is a Wendy’s within walking distance of the park, but I guess the “captive audience” model still works on some folks. Me? I got a car.

Six Flags Attitudes

If you need a dose of some of that patented Six Flags attitude, you can get it by visiting oh wait, that’s just the name of the store.

Disney at SFOG?

It would appear that someone in the merchandise department seems confused about their brand. Those are not their characters.

Woefully Inappropriate shirt Six Flags Over Georgia

Well, at least they’ve got the right brand this time.  But I can’t help but feel a little creeped out about this one.

Six Flags Over Georgia Slurpee

What the actual hell? This is a line for Slurpees? You crazy, ATL.

Flume Six Flags Over Georgia

One of the oldest rides in the park is the Log Jamboree. It’s actually located back near Scorcher, but there’s no way I’m going to go back and disrupt the flow of the last page just because of stupid little things like “spatial awareness.”

Porky Pig Six Flags Over Georgia

Hey, it’s Porky Pig.
LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Mel Blanc had to replace the original voice actor for Porky Pig.  The reason? He had a really bad stutter.

Petunia at Daddy Os Six Flags Over Georgia

And there’s Porky’s girlfr – whoa. Maybe “spatial awareness” isn’t so stupid a concept after all.

Crew waiting on Goliath Six Flags Over Georgia

Well, we round the corner and find guys just lingering around, almost as if they’re waiting on something awesome to happen…

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