Land of Oz – 3

Still in Dorothy’s farm…

Land of Oz Horse from afar

While we’re doing movie trivia, supposedly the carriage used in the film was originally owned by Abraham Lincoln.  I say “supposedly” because people love to make stuff like that up about props.  You know, like the airplane on The Great Movie Ride that can’t possibly really be from “Casablanca” because they didn’t use a real plane.

Land of Oz Bike

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be Miss Gulch’s bike or not.  Heck, I had to go Wiki what her stupid name was.  Also, hard to believe she was still single.

Land of Oz Birdhouse

Now I don’t know what exactly the birdhouses are all about.

Land of Oz birdhouse 2

There’s a lot of them around, and you’ll see more of that later. Maybe it’s the birds that are mentioned in the song?

Land of Oz Dorothys House

Speaking of houses, here’s Dorothy’s house. The guy standing in front was a volunteer who would interact with guests while yelling for Dorothy to come out.

Land of Oz Karen and the Tin Man

Across from Dorothy’s house was this Tin Man.  He was pretty cool, but also quietly disconcerting.

Land of Oz Tin Man chilling

Is this schizoid paranoia, or just existential blues?

Land of Oz Tin Man 2

Look at the eyes. They’re vacant, with a hint of sadness. Like a drunk who’s lost a bet…

Land of Oz Farmhouse Museum

The building over on the left is home to a Wizard of Oz memorabilia exhibit.

Land of Oz museum collectibles

I mean they call it a museum but it’s really more of a massive collection of collectibles.

Land of Oz bed and map in musuem

Along the wall are some pretty fascinating pictures – they’re conceptual clay sculptures that were created as the park was being designed.  Honestly, a lot of it is creepy.

Land of Oz Museum

I mean, when you get right down to it a lot of this stuff can be considered creepy. These dolls are pretty creepy.

Land of Oz dorothy and tin man costumes

But these costumes?  These things are pure nightmare fuel, folks.

Land of Oz museum scarecrow costume

The Scarecrow isn’t much better (but let’s call a spade a spade – these costumes are nowhere near as creepy as what they went with in 1985’s Return to Oz movie.  Of course, they started off with Fairuza Balk playing Dorothy, so the creepy bar was already set pretty high.)

Land of Oz Judy Garland bust

Here’s that bust that was originally back in the Memorial Observation Gazebo.  Is it just me, or does she kind of look pissed off?

Land of Oz collectibles in the museum

I want that Land of Oz ashtray.  I can’t even imagine how much something like that goes for.

Land of Oz Jack Pentes memorial

In addition to designing the visual style of the park, Charlotte artist Jack Pentes also was responsible for some pretty long-lasting mini-playground designs (like what you would see in a McDonalds PlayPlace sort of thing).  Supposedly he would move around the park on his knees, imagining what the park would look like to children.

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