Osceola County Fair

I was initially baffled by the dates for the Osceola County Fair. The dates of this fair actually overlap the dates of the (much larger) Florida State Fair which is less than an hour down the road. This concept just did not make sense to me – why would you schedule two events at the same time?

But then I realized that not everyone is going to road trip down to Tampa for a fair. It takes a special kind of weirdo to want to do something like that, let alone go to four fairs in as many weeks.

But that isn’t even the real thing – what I came to understand was that the Osceola County Fair was appealing to a different demographic than the Florida State Fair.

The Osceola County Fair is more of an agrarian fair, with all the barnyard animals and farming stuff that you would expect at a rural fair. It just seems out of place because it’s so close to the tourist areas (seriously. Osceola Heritage Park is only about 15 miles down Irlo Bronson (192) from Disney proper).

They have a rodeo and everything, but we came on the wrong day for that (we were actually there on the last day, so it appeared that a decent amount of the animals were already gone. Contrary to the picture above, there were no rabbits on-hand).

But OMG they had a ton of chicks, man. For the record, they weren’t all smooshed up in a cage like this. They were just doing that because chicks are weird, man.

It wouldn’t be a fair without the rides, so let’s take a look at a few of the offerings!

Two Ferris wheels placed on opposite ends. We didn’t ride this, as it didn’t really seem like it would provide the best angle (also it was quite expensive to ride the rides – the Ferris wheel, for example, cost 10 tickets and tickets were fifty cents a pop!). I’m sure there was a pay-one-price option, but I wasn’t feeling like it was that kind of fair, you feel me?

Okay, definitely love the double decker merry-go-round. I look forward to eventually getting to check out a full size double decker carousel like the one at Great America or Jardin du Trocadéro. Yeah, that’s right. I Googled that shit.

Strates Shows prides themselves on being the only carnival that travels by train, and I can actually verify that. When they aren’t touring, their storage lot is literally five minutes from our house. It took us a while to realize what they were – we kept driving by and seeing random carnival rides out and it didn’t make any damn sense.

That is a pretty grand fun house there. We never got three level ones in South Carolina, and seeing two in a row (this one and the New York one at the Florida State Fair) was quite surprising.

OMG, I really should have taken the time to get individual pictures of each of the trash cans. So creepy.

But apparently instead of taking pictures I decided it was feeding time. The cheese curds were, unsurprisingly, fantastic. You know, I’m starting to wonder if I ever saw fried mushrooms available at any of the fairs. It would suck if that wasn’t a thing down here (though between you and me, I’ll get over it).

We ended up wandering into the “educational” section of the fair, where kids put together presentations and stuff and some of it was really interesting but some of it…

Oh jeez. I don’t know what this was all about.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m comfortable with this one either. Let’s go back and look at more rides.

The wave swinger is nice and all, but can we talk about that gorgeous Florida sky? If I showed that to you as a still, you would accuse me of Photoshopping it!