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Okay, that’s enough with the kiddie stuff and water rides. If you want to get wet, there’s a whole ocean right across the street! Let’s get to the rolley rides!

Little Eagle

 Little Eagle was a family friendly Mack coaster.

 It was a terribly charming little ride that included a nice short tunnel.

Steve and Karen on Little Eagle Myrtle Beach Pavilion

 Karen gave it two thumbs up.

 Mad Mouse was an Arrow wild mouse.  It felt a little more out of control than some of its brothers (though nowhere near as much as a spinning mouse).

Again, just a charming, fun ride the whole family could enjoy.


Running the entire length of the park, though, was the monstrosity known as “Hurricane: Category 5.”

Hurricane Roller Coaster

Topping out at 100 feet, the Hurricane did a surprisingly effective job reminding locals just how much fun a real hurricane isn’t.

Hurricane Roller Coaster

Built in 2000 by CCI, this was a pretty freaking painful ride. Considering CCI’s more celebrated coasters, I’m tempted to wonder if perhaps the beachfront environment worked against the ride experience in the long run. Maybe it was awesome in 2000.

Hurricane Roller Coaster

In 2006, however, it was a grueling adventure in pain.

Hurricane Roller Coaster

Of course, that didn’t stop me from riding it multiple times.

Hurricane Roller Coaster

I never said I was smart.

The park’s Rainbow ride was perfectly placed right at the edge of the park.  In other parks, the Rainbow would be set up facing into the park…

Pavilion building Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Clearly the planners here knew they couldn’t compete visually with nature.

Pirate Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Pirate was a standard non-inverting pirate ship.  I confess I get a little bothered on the ones that do invert.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt was a Sally shoot ’em up attraction.  It wasn’t great, but I still find it impressive that they had it.

That said, I have a strange memory of this thing being located over at Broadway at the Beach before I rode it at the Pavilion.  Anyone else?

This fella was a pseudo-animatronic character who set up the storyline of the ride

But come on, you already know the drill: shoot targets, get points.

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