Myrtle Beach Pavilion – page 2

There are plenty of traditional style attractions. Like the Old time photo place…

(okay, I admit that may not have been what we were taking the picture of.)

Overpriced games for underpriced prizes…

And lots of rides. There’s antique cars…

An enterprise ride…

A top spin…

A flying bobs style ride…

And a gravitron.

They also had a lot of kiddie sized rides.

Frog Hopper Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Frog hopper for the shorties.

And who doesn’t love a nice Airwolf simulator?

More kiddie rides. Here’s a dune buggy ride.

And a…um…some kind of ferris wheel type thing?

Kiddie size vomit machine (which is kind of like Inception, since most kids are already kiddie size vomit machines)

Of course, if you’re going to have a kiddie size vomit machine, you have to have one for the grown-ups. That’s like the 23rd Amendment or something.

I’m not a huge fan of the trough style flume rides, but at least the one here was more than just a basic “one lift and one drop” configuration.

Hydro: Surge was far more impressive to me. No one is going to confuse this with Grizzly River Run, but it’s still pretty darn nice for what’s essentially a concrete park.

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