Knott’s Berry Farm – 8

Last area of the park is the children’s area, Camp Snoopy.

Camp Snoopy Knotts Berry Farm

It’s nice, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the kids areas at Carowinds or Kings Island.

Ferris Wheel in Knotts Berry Farm

That is one of the sketchiest looking ferris wheels I’ve ever seen.

Lights in Camp Snoopy Knotts Berry Farm

Okay, but I love the hell out of this lightpost.

Red Baron ride Knotts Berry Farm

Most of the rides here are pretty basic half-themed Zamperlas. I would definitely say that Red Baron is the stand out when it comes to the Peanuts-based attractions here.

Snoopys Camp Store Knotts Berry Farm

So when I took the picture, it was supposed to be showing the really cool clockwork thing over the shop. But now I can’t unsee that woman’s crazy expression.

Sierra Sidewinder at Knotts Berry Farm

I actually passed on Sierra Sidewinder. It was the last ride we encountered and at that point the concept of spinning just wasn’t appealing. Besides, it’s always best to leave a ride or two for next time, right?

Chicken at Knotts Berry Farm

Obviously we had to try out some of Mrs. Knott’s famous fried chicken, right?

Boysenberry pie at Knotts Berry Farm

We also scored a slice of boysenberry pie.

Flower boy statue at Knotts Berry Farm

We sat at a table near this fountain. The whole time we were there, a small girl kept walking over and adding more flower petals to it. I don’t know what that was about.

Eating chicken at Knotts Berry Farm

And as for the chicken? It was perfectly fine, but let’s not go crazy here. I’m from the South, where they have Bojangles. The pie, on the other hand, was exceptionally good.

Knotts Berry Farm sign

Well, that just about does it for Knott’s Berry Farm. It’s a pretty nice local park, but not really somewhere you need to plan a pilgrimage for. I had fun, but if this had been the only park I visited in California, I think I would have been a little bitter.

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