Knott’s Berry Farm – 3

Still wandering through the ghost town section of the park

Ghost Town area 8 Knotts Berry Farm

Like I said on the last page, I really liked this whole area.

Ghost Town 9 Knotts Berry Farm

It reminded me a lot of parks like Dollywood and Silver Dollar City.

Hangmans Tree Wide Knotts Berry Farm

That’s the Hang Man’s Tree. With a noose hanging from it and everything.

Deadwood Dicks gravesite

Look, I know “New Age Girl” got overplayed, but I think a grave marker is a bit overkill.

(kids, ask your parents. they probably understood that one)

Bench Knotts Berry Farm

I really appreciate seeing stuff like this that acknowledges the park’s history.

Log Ride sign Knotts Berry Farm

One of the most popular rides at Knotts is the Timber Mountain Log Ride.

Log Ride wide Knotts Berry Farm

It went through a big rehab in early 2013 and apparently it’s quite impressive.

Log Ride drop Knotts Berry Farm

Yeah, I said “apparently” because there was no way I was getting on it.

Log Ride line Knotts Berry Farm

That line is easily an hour deep. Sorry, but we’re on a schedule here!

Ghost Town area 2 Knotts Berry Farm

I know I’m like a skipping record, but I really do like this Ghost Town area.

Boot Bench Knotts Berry Farm

It feels authentic, you know? You can feel the dedication to the theme.

Panda Express in Ghost Town at Knotts Berry Farm

And nothing completes the ghost town theme like a Panda Express. Sigh.

Spurs Knotts Berry Farm

Spurs Chop House sounds a little more thematically sound. From Googling around, I’m not sure if this place is a buffet or a highbrow table service joint. Hell, I can’t even prove this place exists by looking at Knott’s Berry Farm’s website. Seasonal maybe?

Screamin Swing Knotts Berry Farm

While I can appreciate the historical significance of Knott’s Screaming Swing (it was the first installation of its kind), it shouldn’t still be operating as an upcharge attraction. That’s pretty weaksauce, guys.

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