Knott’s Berry Farm – 2

Still in the Ghost Town area of Knott’s Berry Farm…

Ghost Town area 5 Knotts Berry Farm

I have to admit, I really found this section of the park rather charming. It’s certainly the best themed area in the park (as you will see, the competition is rather lackluster).

Hop Wing Lee Knotts Berry Farm

Well, here’s something that became a bit of a running gag on this trip. For some reason, Karen decided to take pictures of everything that had “Lee” in the name. My dad’s been doing that whole “” crap, but I haven’t heard a damn thing about my great-great-great grandpappy Hop Wing.

Pony Express normal entrance Knotts Berry Farm

Moving a little further along, we get to the Pony Express coaster. This Zamperla coaster is a sort of homage to old steeplechase coasters, but without the cool racing feature.

Pony Express Knotts Berry Farm 1

Of course, Knott’s Berry Farm used to have its own actual steeplechase coaster, 1976’s Motorcycle Chase (which became Wacky Soap Box Racers until it closed in 1996).

Pony Express entrance Knotts Berry Farm

Once again, I’m using the Fast Lane system. Lord, I look like a damn blimp in that picture! In all honesty, I was very concerned about fitting on some of these rides…

Snooki rides the Pony Express Knotts Berry Farm

Actually, I think I’ll be okay on this one.

Pony Express tunnel Knotts Berry Farm

It’s a cute ride, but holy crap is it short. The trains are launched out of the station (accelerating up to 38mph) and the entire course is traversed in a mere 36 seconds.

Steve on the Pony Express Knotts Berry Farm

Tubby made the cut.

Pony Express 1

Like I said. It’s cute but I just couldn’t imagine waiting in a long line for this. By the way, I know I look stupid, but wouldn’t I look stupider if I had my arms up?

Ghost Town area 7 Knotts Berry Farm

Let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the characters in the ghost town area.

Musician Knotts Berry Farm

This dude was playing “Back in Black” on a banjo. And he was rocking it.

Characters Chilling Knotts Berry Farm

A pair of card sharks hanging out around Old Betsy.

Mime at Knotts Berry Farm

This mime would follow random women around trying to win their favor. Of course, everyone hates mimes so that didn’t really work out for him.

Bigfoot Rapids Knotts Berry Farm

Bigfoot Rapids looked like your standard river rafting ride. While I’m sure the ride was fun, we weren’t really feeling up to potentially getting soaked…

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