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Continuing in the Hollywood Museum…

Star Trek Hollywood Museum

More Star Trek 5? Seriously? Did someone lose a bet?

Last Starfighter Hollywood Museum

Ah, The Last Starfighter. That’s more like it.

C3PO Hollywood Museum

Here’s one issue I have with museums like this. You see things, and you start to wonder what’s authentic versus what’s a recreation. I actually do believe that most of the stuff in the museum (like this Threepio costume) are legit, but there’s always that voice in the back of your head remembering that time I paid some weird chick like five bucks to see Madonna’s pap smear.

Lost Hollywood Museum

I don’t think anyone is going to argue that these might be fake Lost outfits.

Along Came Polly Hollywood Museum

Nor is anyone going to argue that these…um…y’know, I don’t actually know what the hell these things are. And I’m not going to watch “Along Came Polly” to figure it out.

Die Hard gold Hollywood Museum

I totally know this Die Hard with a Vengeance gold is legit. Apparently they had a lot of it, as crew members got pieces as well (or maybe my buddy stole it from the set. Uh-oh)

Moviolas Hollywood Museum

When I was going to school for Media Arts (stop laughing), I cut my student film on a Steenbeck. That thing felt like a dinosaur compared to today’s non-linear editing programs. But compared to a Steenbeck, these old Moviolas are…well, crap. I don’t know what to say that would convey “older than a dinosaur.” Your mom?

Vampira Hollywood Museum

While I was never a huge fan of her (wrong generation, I guess), I certainly respect the work Maila Nurmi put into her Vampira character. The costume, the wig…

Vampiras gloves Hollywood Museum

The hands? Wow, that is actually pretty insane right there.

Elvira Hollywood Museum

Yeah, I’m more an Elvira guy. I’ll let you guess what my two big reasons are.

Masks Hollywood Museum

I don’t know if these are death masks or life masks. Let’s go with the latter.

Crypt Keeper Hollywood Museum

It’s amusing that they put a picture of the Crypt Keeper in the display with the actual Crypt Keeper puppet (In case you don’t know who the Crypt Keeper is?)…

Uncle Sam Hollywood Museum

But “Uncle Sam” just gets a crummy promotional poster. Because let’s be honest, everyone remembers 1996 as “THE YEAR of Uncle Sam.” I worked in a theatre at the time, and I remember having to interlock all the projectors so we could just run Uncle Sam on all seven screens (but of course seven screens wasn’t enough to contain all the rabid Uncle Sam fans. We stayed open for 48 hours that weekend!

Wait, none of that was true. The best blurb I could find from a review for this POS says that there’s “a level of suspense that rivals clipping your toenails in a well lit room.”

Dungeon Hollywood Museum

Okay, that wasn’t fair. Uncle Sam was just a mindless slasher movie. Downstairs in the Hollywood Museum, there’s a nice section dedicated to some scarier things.

Sweeny Todd Hollywood Museum

Okay, Sweeney Todd wasn’t actually scary, but fans of Stephen Sondheim maintain that the only butchery in the film was Johnny Depp struggling through the songs.

Halloween Hollywood Museum

Michael Myers and Grandpa from Texas Chainsaw Massacre make an appearance. We’re not going to talk about Danielle Harris’ costume from Halloween 5. We start talking about that, someone mentions the Cult of Thorn, it gets ugly. Let’s not go there.

Dexter Hollywood Museum

Look, I understand you take what you can get when you’re a not for profit museum, but that doesn’t excuse the Land’s End display masquerading as a Dexter exhibit. I guess it could have been worse – they could have had a lumberjack costume instead.

Lechter's Cell Hollywood Museum

At the end of the dungeon section, it should come as no surprise that you encounter Hannibal Lecter’s cell from “Silence of the Lambs”. It’s actually a really good recreation, though I once again find myself having that “is it real or is it Memorex” sensation.

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