Hollywood Museum – page three

Still wandering the Hollywood Museum

Harry Potter

There’s apparently a much larger Harry Potter exhibit there now.

Year One outfit

This is an incredibly ornate piece of costuming. It’s almost painful for me to reveal that it was created for the forgettable Jack Black / Michael Cera film “Year One.”

Planet of the Apes mask Hollywood Museum

Considering this prosthetic is almost 50 years old, we’ll forgive the damage.

Oscar Hollywood Museum

You can’t throw a brick without hitting an Oscar in places like this. The fact that it’s for the guy who helped create the Cinemascope process pleases this 15-year projectionist.

Emmys Hollywood Museum

Several Emmys on display, including one of Lucille Ball’s four trophies.

Panoramic of Pics Hollywood Museum

There’s a large area dedicated just to vintage pictures. Note that this is just
facing one direction – there have to be thousands of pictures in there.

Beauty device Hollywood Museum

Okay, back to Max Factor for a bit. He developed this contraption, known as the “Beauty Calibrator.” The idea here is that they would strap this thing on someone’s head and use it to map out their imperfections – basically they’d try to figure out what would look bad on the big screen so they would know to use make up to mask it.

Nowadays, we just use Twitter to map out our imperfections.


Sorry for the picture of a picture, but I thought it was worth showing what it looked like when someone was having their beauty calibrated. It looks a hell of a lot like something out of “A Clockwork Orange” to me. They really thought this was going to catch on?

Blonde Room Hollywood Museum

Max Factor was also instrumental in helping certain movie stars and celebrities develop their particular looks (including but not limited to changing their hair color). For each hair color there was an individual makeup room and this room is dedicated to blondes.

Karen in the blonde room Hollywood Museum

Not for you, Karen.

Brunette room Hollywood Museum

Here’s the brunette room. While the color on the walls in intended to accentuate the color of the hair, there’s no denying that those walls are freaking hideous looking.

Redhead Room Hollywood Museum

Until you get to the redhead room, which is like being in Lucky Charms hell.

Brunette Room Hollywood Museum 2

Interesting differentiation here is that there are four different rooms. Of course you have blondes, brunettes and redheads. The fourth room is for “brownettes.”

I didn’t realize this was even a thing, but here’s their room.

Marilyn Hollywood Museum

Finally, they have a fairly large collection of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia.

Marilyn 2 Hollywood Museum

Of course there are several dresses and outfits attributed to her…

Marilyn pictures Hollywood Museum

Lots of pictures…

Marilyn's Scripts Hollywood Museum

Unfortunately, they go a step too far – in one display case there was a medication bottle that was supposedly at her bedside when she died. Honestly, that detail felt like it crossed the line and became ghoulish. You can celebrate someone’s life without having to advertise their death.

That’s a minor beef, though. The Hollywood Museum is definitely worth checking out.

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