The Hollywood Museum

While we were in the area, we checked out the Hollywood Museum. It seemed decent from their website, and it had good reviews. Oh, and it was included with the Go Card.

Hollywood Museum exterior

It’s housed in the old Max Factor building, which doesn’t mean a lot to me because I’m a dude. I did a little Googling, however, and apparently Max Factor was kind of a big deal. Before immigrating to the United States, he was the official cosmetics expert for the Russian Royal Family. As in Czar Nicholas II. If you know your history (or if you happen to remember anything about the 1997 cartoon Anastasia), you probably already know that it’s a good thing he didn’t stick with that job for long.

Hollywood Museum wide

We’ll get back to Max Factor later on; for now let’s just explore the museum.

David Carradine exhibit Hollywood Museum

They have rotating exhibitions, and when we went the “big” exhibition was of “Kung-Fu” legend / autoerotic asphyxiation connoisseur David Carradine.

Bob Hope 1 Hollywood Museum

There was a really large collection of Bob Hope memorabilia.

Bob Hope 2 Hollywood Museum

In researching this, I realized what an incredible philistine I am. Out of Bob Hope’s entire filmography (over 50 full-length films), I’ve seen two movies: Spies Like Us and the first Muppet Movie. I’m not proud.

Bette Davis Hollywood Museum

At least I can say I’ve seen All About Eve. And hey, I know that Kim Carnes’ song!

Mae West Hollywood Museum

Okay, I’ve also never seen a Mae West movie. I need to watch more TCM.

Moulin Rouge Hollywood Museum

Hey, I’ve seen this one! While I think the movie is a compulsively watchable mess, there’s no denying that the costumes and production design were amazing.

Michael Jackson Hollywood Museum

So… does the mannequin have nipples, or was MJ’s shirt made with nipple pockets?

Star Trek 5 Hollywood Museum

Hey, remember when somebody thought Kirk should direct a Trek movie? Good times.

Roddy McDowell's Bathroom Hollywood Museum

This one is just baffling to me. It’s a recreation of Roddy McDowall’s bathroom. The logic seems to be that his parties were the stuff of legend, so everyone went to them. Therefore, this is the powder room that everyone would have used. Okay, whatever.

Superman Hollywood Museum

Looks like someone left their pajamas HOLY SHIT that’s really the Superman costume?

Pee Wee's Big Adventure Hollywood Museum

Squealed like a girl when I saw this. Not even gonna lie.

Pee Wee's Bowtie Hollywood Museum

There are three people who can make a bow tie work. The first is Pee Wee Herman. The second is Doctor Who. And third? Not you.

There's Something About Mary Hollywood Museum

The dog that jumped out the window in There’s Something About Mary. Look, there are probably far worse props from that movie that they could have on display…

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