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Hard Rock Park had three major shows, and I have to admit that all three of them were pretty good.  Rock & Roll Heaven was home to the Malibu Beach Party show.

Hard Rock Park - Malibu Beach Party Exterior
Before the show, cast members would lift weights and frolic outside.
Hard Rock Park - Malibu Beach Party 2

The storyline here was pretty sparse (“nerdy” dude hooks up with the shy yet hot-as-balls blonde girl in the bikini), but there was a lot of energy in the show.

Hard Rock Park - Malibu Beach Party 4

There was dancing…

Hard Rock Park - Malibu Beach Party 3

And diving…

Hard Rock Park - Malibu Beach Party 1

And cross dressing (wait, what?)

Hard Rock Park - Malibu Beach cast

The show caught some grief because of a scene where the guys get out of a van that’s filled with smoke.  Folks used that as another reason to justify their “not family friendly” argument because clearly that endorsed drug use to the kids.

No one asked how the kids knew that drug use was being suggested, of course.  If your child understood the joke, you’ve already got problems at home, folks.

Also, I hope those people never let their kids watch Scooby Doo…

Hard Rock Park - Taste of Paradise

Across the path from all that was the Taste of Paradise Café.

Hard Rock Park - Steel Drummer

It should come as no surprise that a staple of Hard Rock Park was live performances.  We first encountered this fellow outside Taste of Paradise.  He was quite good.

Hard Rock Park - INT Taste of Paradise

The inside of Taste of Paradise was really quite nice.

Hard Rock Park - Surfboard table

These longboard tables are just ridiculously cool.

Hard Rock Park - Taste of Paradise wall

The walls are covered with tributes to dead musicians.

Hard Rock Park - Taste of Paradise widish

Seriously, this is just one cool looking damn restaurant.

Hard Rock Park - Freddy

The rights would be a massive pain to procure, but it would be really cool if the park sold these statues somewhere.  I would totally buy a Freddy Mercury idol.

Hard Rock Park - Inside Taste of Paradise Grill

For the most part, everything we ever ate at the park was pretty solid.  I’ll point out the exception when we get to it.  The prices were fairly competitive with what you’d ordinarily expect to pay in a theme park and the selection was decently varied.

Hard Rock Park - Hot Dog

Scorch marks on a hot dog means someone is doing something VERY right.

Hard Rock Park - Inside Taste of Paradise

The park was located minutes away from both the Coastal Grande Mall and the Broadway at the Beach shopping complex.  If the food wasn’t at least pretty good, it would be too easy for people to leave and come back.  I’m happy to say that the quality of the food was good enough to prevent us from leaving most of the time.

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