Hard Rock Park – page 2

Continuing through the All Access area of the park…

Hard Rock Park - Air Guitars

As if the free park maps weren’t incentive enough…

Hard Rock Park - All Access Area 2

Looking back into the All Access area, I have to point out the not-terribly-hidden guitar emblem there.  It’s completely unnecessary, but it’s the sort of detail that proves to me that these guys were really trying their damndest to design something special.

Hard Rock Park - Whammy Bar

If you’re not musically inclined, you’re forgiven for making the easy “Press Your Luck” connection upon seeing the Whammy Bar.  First thing I thought of as well.  I’m dumb.

Hard Rock Park - Whammy Bar interior

The Whammy Bar was a very nice (but overpriced) little bar with a nice VIP observation area on the upper level.  When the park hosted an ACE event, they let ACE members watch the fireworks show from that upper level.  Very cool of them.

Hard Rock Park - Past All Access

As you reach the end of the All Access area, you get a good look at the park’s central icon here in the “Vegas High Roller Plaza.”  I agree that’s a weird name, by the way.

Hard Rock Park - Guitar

That’s a giant replica of a Gibson Les Paul, finished in traditional Gibson sunburst.  We’ll get a better look at it later on.

Hard Rock Park - Quote 2

In addition to the Riff Notes (last page), there are also these inspirational quotes all over the park playing into the philanthropic attitude of the Hard Rock brand.

Hard Rock Park - Directional sign

As mentioned before, the park utilized a circular layout.  At this point, guests could turn left into the “Rock & Roll Heaven” area or right into “Cool Country.”

Hard Rock Park - RnRH entrance

We’re going to start off in Rock & Roll Heaven.  This section of the park is dedicated to (as the name implies) musicians who are no longer with us.  Well, that’s what you would think the name “Rock & Roll Heaven” was supposed to mean, right?

Hard Rock Park - RnRH Gates Detail

Some better detail of the rock angels on the gates.

Hard Rock Park - Memorial wide

Okay, this memorial does seem to fit into what I think the theme of the area is.

Hard Rock Park - Memorial 2

As you can see, each brick represents a fallen musician.

Hard Rock Park - Memorial 1

The inner circle represents what I guess would be considered the upper echelon. I have to wonder what they were planning to do if another “top tier” star died…

Hard Rock Park - Pepsi Stand

When people talk about why Hard Rock Park didn’t survive, they mention stuff like the weak economy, the lack of marketing, not having enough stuff to fill a day…

The correct answer, of course, is “because Pepsi sucks.”

Hard Rock Park - Rasta Roll

While I consider most gaming areas to be blights on parks, I have to at least give credit to Hard Rock Park for having more amusing looking games.   Interestingly, I saw this game set up at Broadway at the Beach a few months after the park closed.

Hard Rock Park - RnRheaven wide

Just past Rasta Roll, you would hang a right into the rest of the area.

Hard Rock Park - Reggae River Falls

Reggae River Falls was a water play area – the highlight (I guess) was one of those giant tipping buckets that dumps water on guests.  I haven’t got anything against these attractions, but the placement didn’t seem quite right.  Something like this functions better in a corner section, where it’s easier for parents to monitor their children.

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