Griffith Observatory – 2

As I said on the last page, the observatory has been used in dozens of movies.

Griffith Entrance

I recently saw some of “Earth Girls Are Easy,” and was stunned to see this entrance mocked up as a nightclub entrance. I was also stunned by how dated “Earth Girls Are Easy” was. Yikes.

Telescope Display

There’s a lack of pictures inside the observatory, I’m afraid, because we were just too busy looking at stuff. I believe this picture was taken in the Wilder Hall of the Eye, which is an area focusing on astronomical tools like telescopes and such.

Cafe at the End of the Universe

The Café at the Universe didn’t look like much, but apparently it’s run by Wolfgang Puck. Reviews seem to be somewhat mixed as far as the quality of what you get there.

Planet area

This is the Gunther Depths of Space Hall, which focuses on the planets of our solar system. Underneath each planet are factoids as well as scales that show how much you’d weigh on a different planet.

Yes I know I'm husky

Whatever, scale. Mom says I’m husky.

Leonary Nimoy Theater

This theatre shows the 1997 science-fact classic “Event Horizon” on a 24 hour loop.

Wait, that’s not true. It’s actually a 190 seat theater that shows “The Once and Future Griffith Observatory” hourly. This presentation provides an overview of what all is going on at the observatory. There are other programs shown occasionally, but this film is the major attraction. We skipped it in favor of a planetarium show.

Planetarium Projector Thing

As a former theater projectionist, I had to get a look at the planetarium projector system. It looks like it should be training Luke Skywalker on using his lightsaber.

Filtered Hollywood sign

Back outside, and playing with the color filter settings of the camera. That actually came out decent.

Griffith 2

I know the write-up here was weak, but that doesn’t mean the observatory is. It’s absolutely worth checking out.

Fred 62

We didn’t eat at the Café at the End of the Universe because we were already full from a delicious breakfast at the nearby Fred 62.

Karen's Fred meal

Karen had a basic egg, hash brown and pancakes plate. Pretty good stuff…

Steve's Fred meal

…unless you ordered the breakfast enchiladas, which were freaking AMAZING.


Fred 62 is just down the street from the Dresden Restaurant. And yes, you’ll be happy to know that Marty and Elayne still play there.

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