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What, did you think I was going to line up? Did you see that freaking mob?

lunchtime Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Josh and I opted to skip the line and head over to Harmony Hall for lunch. On the way there, I faced my fear and tried riding Intimidator. And I fit. I know y’all skinny bitches can’t relate to this, but it was a pretty great feeling to know that I had overcome the weight issue. But let me make one thing clear:


feeding time Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

The spread for lunch consisted largely of food items that will be featured in Carowinds’ upcoming Taste of the Carolinas Food Festival (a more regional version of the amazing International Food and Wine Festival down at Epcot). And yeah, it was fantastic.

Food serving Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Out of everything we tried (between today and a very similar spread at January’s Winter Warm Up event), there were maybe two items that I wouldn’t happily pay to have.

Food marvelous food Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

This is just one of at least twelve different tables they had set up.

Big Shrimp Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

If this was an office party, all the shrimp would have been gone long ago. I didn’t see anyone here with “their big purse,” so I guess there’s a different mindset here.

Band performing at lunch Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

A live band was onstage, performing a selection of famous songs from the 60s on up. They were great, though I found the inclusion of “Blurred Lines” a little wacky.

Ice Sculpture Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

It took forever to get this picture, since everyone who walks by seems to be required by law to touch it (it’s ice, folks. This is what happens to water when it gets cold).

Plate of food Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

This is just one small plate of what was being served. This is grilled vegetables, something from an Italian meat tray, a pork spring roll, roasted duck and couscous, and some of them big shrimps. Every last bite was amazing (I didn’t even know I liked duck).

these are not all my truffles for I am an adult Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

I swear I didn’t eat all these.

Purrcussionists Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

This is the Carolina Panthers PurrCussionists drum ensemble. This is one of those remarkably rare occasions where I’ve seen this many drummers not wearing Rush tees.

Alright, I’ve dragged this on enough. Let’s get to the main attraction:

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