Fury 325 Media Day

Back in 2010, I had a ton of fun at Carowinds’ Intimidator Media Day event. Okay, that’s not true. I had to take the walk of shame and spent the majority of the day smoking cigarettes and watching other people ride. I approached Fury 325’s Media Day with more than a little hesitation. Yeah, I’ve lost a decent chunk of weight since then, but I was nevertheless terrified. What if it wasn’t enough?

Believe me, that’s one screwed up reason to be scared of a roller coaster.

Carowinds new front sign Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

The first thing to note upon arriving at the park is that they’ve completely rebuilt the toll plaza and the entire entrance area (I was driving, so no picture of the toll plaza).

Carowinds Entrance Plaza Panorama

The old plantation house entrance has been replaced with a sleek, modern looking plaza (if you don’t recall the old entrance, here ya go). The new entrance is just stunning (and I like how the Carowinds Paladium is now more visible. Hopefully that they’ll try to book shows there again. I saw some great shows in that venue, and it doesn’t seem to be used for anything other than Christian music bands.

New ticket plaza Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

When the new entrance plaza was announced, there were those who bemoaned the loss of the historic plantation house entrance. Whatever. Just let it go, Elsa.

Red Carpet entrance Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

The red carpet was a nice touch. This picture was taken later in the day (which explains why no one is there). Earlier, the park had characters and some media in the area.

The event area wide Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

They let us back about 45 minutes before the opening ceremonies were to begin, so we have a lot of time to look at stuff (though most folks just looked at their phones).

What in the hell is an Oreo Churro and why isn't this goddamn stand open Fury325 Media Day Carowinds


What the actual hell?

Smart business move not having this open today, Carowinds. Now I’m going to HAVE to come back later to find out what an Oreo Churro is all about. Thanks for nothing!

Sir Purr Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Charlotte celebrities in attendance include Sir Purr (mascot of the Carolina Panthers)

Homer the Dragon Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Homer the Dragon (from the Charlotte Knights AAA baseball team) was also on hand.

Furys Main sign Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Here’s the main logo for Fury. Pretty tight, huh?

Alt angle of Fury sign Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

But there something oddly familiar here. What is it?


That’s it! It looks like the damn Mothman! Maybe that will keep West Virginians away.

Flasher in the Mist Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Oh, John… I bet you were one of those guys who changed into the concert shirt while you were at the actual concert. Everyone knows you have to wait a minimum of three months after the event before you can wear the shirt. And you have to also pretend to have forgotten that you even attended the event in the first place. Bad form, sir!

Jonathan at Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Good to see Johnathan down from New York. In case you don’t know, Johnathan runs the Carowinds Connection website, which I’m sure you can figure out based on the name is a website dedicated to enthusiasts of farm animal artificial insemination.

That’s a joke, folks. You have to be part of the secret moderator forums for that part.

Josh talking to the press Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Josh had to talk to all the news people. I’m sure it’s great fun having to answer the same ridiculous questions that are all predicated on mangled information (“Fury 325 is the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. Aren’t you terrified to ride it?”).

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