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It’s almost time!

DJ Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

This guy… He played Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, and the Spice Girls within the space of like fifteen minutes. Some people just want to watch the world burn, I reckon.

Crowd shot Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Everyone who was milling around the entrance had to move back to the stage area. I thought I had a good spot, but then all the “working media” moved in and blocked my view. “Working media.” That’s what they call TV stations and such. It’s adorable.

Park Gm Mike Fehnel Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

First up was the park’s general manager Mike Fehnel. He welcomed the crowd and – well, he tried to welcome the crowd but his stupid cell phone kept going off.

Talking to NC governor Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Oh, LOL. That was all an elaborate gag that involved him getting (pre-recorded) calls from local politicians and such. It would have probably worked better if folks like North Carolina governor Pat McCrory could remember 20 whole seconds of dialogue without having to do multiple takes (there was a blatant dissolve midway through his bit).

Rob Decker, VP of planning and design for CFFury325 Media Day Carowinds

Rob Decker took the stage next. He’s the Vice President of planning and design for all of the Cedar Fair parks. I guess that’s a decent job if you’re into that sort of thing.

Ribbon cutting Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

There were a few other speakers involved, but no one really tripped my wire. I’m sure the dude from the Chamber of Commerce is usually riveting. Just cut the ribbon!

By the way, mad props to that dad holding his son’s ears in anticipation of the inevitable pyro show that’s about to strikes. That’s good parenting right there.

The ribbon has been cut Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Of course, I expertly positioned myself in a spot where I didn’t see a bit of the fireworks.

Confetti and fire orgasm Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

I have to quietly question the wisdom of firing all that paper into the air while simultaneously using fire cannons. Unless someone has it in for Hurler.

Folks going to the line

First folks on the ride were winners of an online auction. Proceeds from the auction went to the Cam Newton Foundation. It would be childish of me to make any kind of $cam Newton joke here (but the 2010 SEC Championship game has not been forgotten).

The line for Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

But the line was pretty much wide open, and damn near everyone queued up.

The most dedicated reporter Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

I hung back, and got a picture of the most dedicated reporter in the park.

The most dedicated employee Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Not to mention one of the most dedicated employees in the park. Was all that confetti really necessary in the grand scheme of things? Maybe you should save some for when the Carolina Panthers win an important game OH SNAP YES I WENT THERE.

Train on the lift Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Trains are running. It’s alive!

Max's seat Fury325 Media Day Carowinds

Here’s the very first public train. I know it may look like there’s an empty seat on the front row, but I assure you that’s not the case. Max Cannon is in that seat. Just because you can’t see him doesn’t mean he isn’t there. He’s there. That’s his seat. Fuck diabetes.

Okay, next page we’re getting to the most important part of this whole write-up!

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