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If we’re going to essentially review the hotel, I guess we need to review the bed too.

Dollywood Dreammore Bed

I thought it was hard. I’m a big fan of mattress toppers, so maybe I’m a little jaded when it comes to the comfort level of mattresses. But I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep on it, even after hitting two moonshine places in Gatlinburg. If you’re a fan of firmer beds, this could be perfect for you.

While we’re talking about it, I’m done with these garbage pillows-for-ants that a lot of hotels are switching over to.  Yes, they’re visually appealing. But I’m a stomach sleeper, bro. I need a pillow I can hump. And there’s a mental image none of us needed.

Dollywood Dreammore Room Lobby 2

On the downstairs level, you’ll find the main restaurant, Song and Hearth. This picture was taken just before the restaurant opened for dinner, and there was a coupon making the rounds. I don’t think that line is typical.

DreamMore Resort Bar

Just inside the entrance is a small bar area. But come on, folks.  There’s a mini-fridge in the room and a moonshine place like 5 miles away.  What are you doing at the bar?

Dollywood Dreammore Restaurant

We had breakfast here, and it wasn’t bad.  On busy days, the breakfast is buffet style, but they do have chefs there who can do omelets to-order.  The seating area is fairly large, and the wait staff there is fantastic across the board.  It was a bit pricy, however.  Breakfast for two with a tip came out to like $44.

DreamMore Resort Restaurant

On a non-busy day, however, they offer table service with menus.  The options are rather limited, but the food was good across the board and the prices were a bit more manageable (our total was a few dollars more than what we paid the day before at Flapjacks).  I would recommend the restaurant on a non-buffet day, but unfortunately it’s difficult to ascertain what you’re going to get ahead of time.

Dollywood Dreammore Cafe

There’s also a little café (the DM Pantry) that sells pastries and sandwiches.  They have a pretty solid breakfast burrito that would have been fantastic if they had any salsa.  Their baked goods are outstanding as well (two words: Royal Cookie).

DreamMore Resort DM Pantry menu

Here’s the menu board – they also offer pizza, but it’s unclear if those are made to order or just some reheated frozen stuff.  Either way, this is good for grab-and-go if you want something before you head over to the park.

Dollywood Dreammore Conference areas

The Dreammore offers 6,000 square feet of meeting space, which can be subdivided into smaller conference rooms.  If you have an event to plan, they can almost certainly accommodate you (do note, however that I was unable to determine if the resort has a “no furries” policy).

DreamMore Resort Conference Room

I don’t know if this room was set up for anything in particular, but an open door is an invitation, right? This particular layout doesn’t really show the capacity of the room, though.  I believe they were able to squeeze like 170 or so ACE members into this room (make your own joke here on how many “normal” people that would equal.  Show your math).

Dollywood Dreammore couch and random shiny things

I really like a lot of the interesting decorative touches, like the platters and cookware on the walls.

Dollywood Dreammore Cool Lighting

I love these lights over the urinals. If I had a urinal in my home, I would totally want these. Given the choice, though, I think I’d rather just not have a urinal in my home. That’s would be weird.

Dollywood Dreammore Pool Area

We were at the resort for an event in February.  As a result of it being, y’know, freezing and all, the outdoor pool wasn’t open.

Dollywood Dreammore Pool area 2 (2)

It does look pretty nice. There is an indoor pool, but I thought it smelled of chlorine a bit too strongly (you do NOT want a room close to it).

DreamMore Fire Pit

At night, they have these cool fire pits where you can sit around and make s’mores and stuff.  Or drink.  Drinking is fun too.

Dollywood Dreammore evening

Staying at the DreamMore does have some nice perks. In addition to a park shuttle, resort guests get a free Timesaver pass (Dollywood’s version of Fastpass/Express Pass/FastLane) and early park entry on Saturdays. It’s hard to turn down benefits like that.

But still I do. I really did like the resort, but for the rates they’re asking (I just did a random price check and it came back for $250 a night) I don’t think I can really recommend it. I can get over the clunky room design, but the hard bed kind of kills it for me. To put it in Disney terms, it felt like a value room in a moderate resort.

But that’s just, like, my opinion man. Trip Advisor floweth over with positive reviews, so your mileage absolutely may vary.

Do note, by the way, that we did not stay in one of the suites.  Nearly a third of the rooms at the DreamMore Resort are suites, and it’s entirely possible that the majority of my room issues don’t apply to the suites.

But I bet the beds are still too damn hard.

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