Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort opened in 2015 as part of a planned $300 million expansion plan.

Dollywood Dreammore Resort

The resort has 309 guest rooms and suites, as well as a full-service salon and spa.

Dollywood Dreammore Statue

Pretty cool guitar sculpture right up front. It makes me nostalgic for the old Heavy Metal Garden at Hard Rock Park.

Dollywood Dreammore Chairs

Rocking chairs on the front deck are part of the resort’s attempt to make the place feel like home. Or like a Cracker Barrel. I think they were going for “home,” though.

Dollywood Dreammore Checkin

Surprisingly small check-in area, but the folks there are pretty on the ball. That said, if there’s two groups ahead of you, checking in might be miserable.  I want to give special attention to that exceptionally nice video-mural they have behind them.  It changes every few minutes, and each image is breathtakingly beautiful.

Dollywood Dreammore Lobby

I’ve never really been a “hang out in the lobby” person, but there’s a lot of real estate available in the lobby if you are.

Dollywood Dreammore Hallway

But let’s cut to the chase and follow the butterflies to our room!

Dollywood Dreammore Room 1

At first glance, the room seems pretty nice.

Dollywood Dreammore Room 2

We didn’t ask for a room with bunk beds, so that was kind of weird. We had only requested a king room, so I don’t know if this is normal for those room types or if we just somehow ended up a family-style room. At least I learned an important lesson about alcohol and top bunks: they go together like pig and elephant DNA.

Dollywood Dreammore Room lamp

All I need is this lamp. The ashtray, and these matches, and the remote control, and this paddle game, and this lamp. That’s all I need. I don’t need one other thing, not one.

Dollywood Dreammore Room TP

Man, I almost feel guilty for using the teepee.

Dollywood Dreammore Room 3

So while the room is nice, parts of it feel rather cramped. As you can see here, counter space is extremely limited.

DreamMore Resort storage area

Drawer space is also at a premium, which is annoying if you’re the kind of person who likes to unpack their luggage (we’ve recently adopted unpacking, and I love doing it now).  I appreciate the mini-fridge, but two drawers here are just too little, especially if you’ve got four folks in the room.

DreamMore Resort room cubby

There’s also this recessed cubby thing when you first walk in that offers two more drawers,  but it’s just not terribly practical.  Sufficient for two people, but pretty weak for a family.

Dollywood Dreammore Room tray

This little TV tray thing is a freaking disaster waiting to happen. I just can’t imagine wanting to have coffee brewing on something that’s essentially right at the level of a child (also, I wouldn’t want water bottles that you can be charged for at that level either!).