Dollywood – 2

…but when you get a little deeper into Chasing Rainbows, things get a lot more interesting.


This area’s basically like the attic, with tons of miscellaneous Dolly stuff strewn about…


Before leaving the attic section, you’re greeted by a hologram of Dolly. The HoloDolly is a pretty cool little effect. In past years, they’ve even used it to have Dolly play characters in some of the shows (even if it still looks a bit like that 25 year-old Sega “Time Traveler” arcade game. Here’s a link since you’ve probably forgotten about it too).


As you exit the attic section, you move into what feels like a more traditional museum.


Of course you’ll see lots of Dolly’s outfits. The winged one is pretty fantastic.


There’s a small but interesting section dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the park. Incidentally, the display case houses the park’s 2010 Applause Award. It’s a pretty cool thing to have.


Yes, this is the actual “coat of many colors.” The pages next to it are a dry cleaning receipt that she actually wrote the song on as it came to her.


The schoolhouse area feels a little redundant, as you’ll see later on.


See what happens if you didn’t upgrade to Windows 10? THEY WARNED US.


As you reach the end of the museum, you’ll find a section dedicated to Dolly’s uncle, Bill Owens. She credits him as one of her earliest supporters, and one of the biggest reasons she never stopped going after those childhood dreams.


If you’re interested, you can go onto one of Dolly’s old tour buses.


Venturing around the area, you can find lots of interesting little details.


Look kids, it’s Conway Twitty’s unkempt bush!


This is a very “Circle of Life”-esque sculpture, isn’t it?


The squirrel wants to eat his nut. The cat wants to eat the squirrel. The dog wants to eat the cat. And the kid? The kid wishes the University of Tennessee didn’t have such a shit football team.


Trying to nail down that elusive Dolly look? There’s a shop for that. But be warned, Dolly has explicitly stated in the past that her look was based on her childhood memories of a hooker. Wait, my mistake. She was a call girl. When they’re dead, they’re just hookers.


Incidentally, the name of this area (Adventures in Imagination) is in reference to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, which is a free book-gifting program she started up back in 1995.  You can read more about them (or make a donation) here.


For the 2016 season, the Jukebox Junction section of the park got a radical facelift.  Comparing the area to previous years, it’s actually difficult to figure out what used to be where (although some things stayed in the same place, like the Pines Theater and that punny optician sign).


In its original incarnation, this area had a very strong 50’s Main Street vibe.  While a lot of that atmosphere is still there, there are also lots of modernistic touches (not to mention the Dippin’ Dots, which of course we all know is the ice cream of the future).


I don’t know if food trucks were a big thing in the ‘50s, but I do know that the chicken sandwiches out of this particular food truck are outstanding (though it would be a lie to not confess that they’re remarkably close to the chicken sandwiches at that place that isn’t open on Sundays).

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