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Still cruising on the Jungle Cruise.

Jungle Cruise Giraffes and pals Disneyland

Maybe the difference between the animatronics in the Tiki Room as opposed to the ones displayed here is in their overall range of motion. The animals here don’t move around nearly as much as the lively residents of the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Jungle Cruise Elephants Bathing Disneyland

A few playful elephants frolic in the river near your boat.

Jungle Cruise Tiger Disneyland

I would be failing in my duties if I didn’t take a moment to praise the fine Cast Members Disney employs on the Jungle Cruise. We’ve ridden dozens of times, and the skippers are without exception excellent in their narrating duties. In comparison, a ride of Universal Orlando’s Jaws attraction (RIP) could be ruined by a substandard guide.

Apes Wreck the Camp Jungle Cruise Disneyland

Of course, the further along you get on your journey, the more surly the animals get.

Jungle Cruise Rhino and Expedition Disneyland

I’m sure these guys deserved this.

Jungle Cruise Natives

Some would bemoan the racial insensitivity here, but this attraction is supposed to be indicative of a time period. Adventureland in general is supposed to be set in the 40s, and caricatures like the natives above were pretty much par for the course back then.

Jungle Cruise Animals having a snack Disneyland

Pretty sure that zebra is just napping, kids. It’s okay.

Adventureland Panoramic Disneyland

For the record, the park was certainly busy when we were there (early July). We just seemed to do a really good job going in the opposite direction of the crowd.

Sleeping Beauty Castle from Adventureland Disneyland

I hate to bring up the forced perspective thing again, but it should be noted that it works really well when you’re in an area where the base of the castle isn’t visible.

Tarzans Treehouse Entrance Disneyland

Tarzan’s Treehouse used to be the Swiss Family Robinson attraction. You can’t really fault them for this update, as the original story just isn’t remotely popular anymore.

Adventureland from the Treehouse HDR Disneyland

As you ascend the treehouse (AKA “Stairs: The Ride”), you’re rewarded with some really lovely views of the park. This was our first sighting of the Matterhorn Bobsleds.

Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland

Here’s the side of the Pirates of the Caribbean building. Honestly it’s not a great shot, but considering I never got a full picture of the front I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

Haunted Mansion and Columbia from Treehouse Disneyland

Nice view of the Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and the SS Columbia.

Apes in Tarzans Treehouse Disneyland

Kala and young Tarzan appear at the top of the treehouse. It’s a bit anticlimactic.

Pirates of the Caribbean entrance Disneyland

Okay, I don’t have any pictures inside Pirates of the Caribbean so I have to say everything I want to about it right here: it’s great. The quality of this ride easily exceeds that of its Florida sibling. The theming and atmosphere of the attraction from start of finish makes this one of the most important Disney rides there is. But enough with the Jack Sparrow stuff in the ride, guys. It’s not broke. Quit “fixing” it.

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