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Okay, time to briefly talk about our accommodations in Anaheim.

Sheraton Suites Disneyland

We stayed at the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel, about five minutes from the park.

Sheraton Suites 2 Disneyland

They have a shuttlebus that was pretty efficient (though obviously you may get in trouble if you’re trying to get to or from the park at an especially busy time). I know the castle décor looks a bit cheeseball, but it was actually a really nice place to stay.

Room at the Sheraton Disneyland

The regular rooms were simply decorated, but they were really large.

Room at the Sheraton 2 Disneyland

The only complaint I can make is that there weren’t enough outlets, and the ones that were there were in oddly inconvenient places. Not much of a deal breaker, really.

Smoking Area Sheraton Disneyland

The courtyard has lots of little nooks and crannies where you can relax peacefully.

Sleeping Beauty Castle HDR Disneyland

But let’s get back to the park, ‘cause it’s getting dark!

Toontown at Night Disneyland

Disney parks take on an entirely different feeling at night.

Mark Twain at night Disneyland

It’s something other parks just can’t quite replicate. In those parks, it just feels like the same place but with lights. Disneyland just feels like a different place altogether.

Crystal Arcade at night Disneyland

We’re winding down now, visiting the shops of Main Street USA. It was in one of these shops that we encountered the coin operated “Make Pinnochio Dance!” machine.

It’s amazing that I didn’t bust out a “PULL THE STRINGS” here, but I guess I decided that throwing out lines from “Ed Wood” isn’t nearly as catchy as it used to be.

Main Street Cinema at night Disneyland

A lot of people believe that “Steamboat Willie” was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon. It wasn’t (“Plane Crazy” was eight months earlier), but it was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon with a synchronized soundtrack. Now you can correct your friends too!

Sleeping Beauty Castle night Disneyland

Okay, time to loiter in the middle of the street.

Fourth of July lightpost Disneyland

We timed it perfectly, so we’d be at the park right at the tail end of the Independence Day celebration (the holiday decorations stayed up until the end of the weekend)

Fireworks 1 Disneyland

Because of that particular timing, we were able to see the “Disney’s Celebrate America” fireworks show on Sunday night (the day we arrived at the resort).

Fireworks 2 Disneyland

And on the following Monday (the 8th), it was the normal non-holiday show.

Fireworks Disneyland 4

Both shows were fantastic, but it’s very clear that the Anaheim park is limited in what kind of fireworks they’re permitted to utilize. They definitely weren’t as big as what you get at Walt Disney World. That’s not a criticism, though, as the lower level fireworks worked perfectly well with the shorter castle and reduced overall viewing area.

Main Street at Night Disneyland

When it was all said and done, we really enjoyed the Disneyland Park. While there’s a lot of familiarity, the layout and attraction selections are varied enough to keep it fresh.

Fourth Mickey Disneyland

And, rather appropriately, our visit to Disneyland Park ends with a Mouse.

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