Disney California Adventure – 2

Still in Cars Land

Radiator Springs Racers Entrance Disney California Adventure

Yep, we finally make the turn thinking we’re close to the entrance and we see this.

Karen in RSR line Disney California Adventure

At this point, we’re kind of wondering if we’ve made a mistake.

In Line for Radiator Springs Racers Disney California Adventure

But we persevered. There’s no way this many people would be lining up for a junky attraction, right (wait a minute– the longest ride we encountered at Disneyland was for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, and it was pretty “meh.”)?

About to ride Radiator Springs Racers Disney California Adventure

By the time we made it to the station, we were getting pretty psyched.

Radiator Springs Racers Disney California Adventure

And rightfully so. Combining the best of Disney dark ride technology with the modern thrill of Epcot’s Test Track, Radiator Springs Racers is the best ride I’ve ever been on.

Radiator Springs Racers wide Disney California Adventure

It resonates on every level. The animatronics, music, and layout are perfection.

Karen and Radiator Springs Racers Disney California Adventure

We wanted to get back on immediately. Good thing we grabbed those FASTpasses.  There’s a single rider line also, if you’re willing to split up your group.

Tow Maters Disney California Adventure

Ugh. A ride based on the redneck pickup truck? Do we really need this?

Tow Mater wide Disney California Adventure

Oh my god, it’s a whip! Yes, we absolutely need this!

Karen on Tow Mater Disney California Adventure

Karen gets ridiculously giddy on these things. Don’t believe me?

Told ya. When she gets on rides like this, I’m just there as ballast.

Luigis Entrance Disney California Adventure

The third and final ride in Cars Land was Luigi’s Flying Tires.

Walking through Luigi's Line Disney California Adventure

The queue takes riders through Luigi’s Casa Della Tires shop out to the tire yard.

Luigis Flying Tires Disney California Adventure

The attraction was a loving homage to the Flying Saucers ride that graced Disneyland for five years. While the concept itself was simple, the execution was tricky. Basically it’s like being on an air hockey table, but you control the puck. Your tire moved based on which direction you shifted your weight. It took a bit of time to figure out, but once you got the hang of it, it was really quite fun.

Luigis Flying Tires 2 Disney California Adventure

It does require a level of cooperation between riders – if you don’t move together, you’re not going very far. Unfortunately the cost of maintaining this attraction (combined with a low hourly capacity) was unacceptable, and the ride closed in 2015.

Radiator Springs Disney California Adventure

This section of the park is wildly popular, and rightfully so.

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