Disney California Adventure – 10

Finishing our last rotation in the park before World of Color

Paradise Pier Shops night 2 Disney California Adventure

They say you can view World of Color from this side of Paradise Bay, but I honestly don’t know why you would want to. It’s like trying to watch fireworks from the side of the castle. Sure you see stuff explode, but the composition is completely wrong.

Paradise Pier night

There are multiple viewing areas, and they’re kept separate from each other. These folks think they have a great spot. One gust of wind the wrong way and they’ll be wet.

Paradise Pier night 1 Disney California Adventure

You have to have a bit of distance to really take in everything that’s going on in the show.

Pacific Wharf Building at night Disney California Adventure

While we’re waiting, here’s a quick shot of Ariel’s Grotto restaurant.

California Screaming night Disney California Adventure

One more shot of California Screamin (and again, love that reflection)

Paradise Pier night 2 Disney California Adventure

I ducked back out and grabbed us a drink and this picture. I almost didn’t make it back in time for the beginning of the show.

World of Color 2 Disney California Adventure

Okay, so what exactly is World of Color? It’s a half hour long show that utilizes water fountains, mist screens, lasers, fog, and fire. It’s like the Bellagio show on ‘roids.

World of Color 1 Disney California Adventure

The mist screens are really the focal point of the show, showcasing characters and sequences from at least a dozen animated classics. While this is very similar to Fantasmic, it seems like these selections were a little more calculated to elicit an emotional response. Or maybe I’m just projecting here because it worked on me.

World of Color 3 Disney California Adventure

There’s really no good way to describe it, and I don’t think stills do it justice. I’ve embedded my video of the show below, but be aware that I don’t think it really fully conveys the full power of the show (note that I did have to edit out the sequence with “A Whole New World.” Youtube kept dinging it for third party content. Whatever, dude).

It’s okay. I skim the video too.

This concludes the California Adventure TPS Report. I didn’t expect to enjoy this park nearly as much as I did. If I went back, I would easily want to revisit this park before Disneyland. As luck has it, they’re next door to each other so I wouldn’t have to choose.

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