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In order to enhance the overall flow of this thing, some liberties have been taken when it comes to the order of events. While I know we ate at Del Taco after the ball game, we’re going to skip ahead a bit and talk about the following night’s dinner:

King Taco outside

When I was planning this trip, I reached out to some SoCal area folks for their opinions on good places to eat. When it came to Mexican, King Taco was a unanimous choice.

King Taco is fucking awesome

And rightfully so! Karen and I both ended up with enchiladas (hers were vegetarian) and they were absolutely amazing. The beans and rice were also great, and the guacamole…

Look, let’s just say it – the guacamole out there owns any east coast attempts. I can’t vouch for authenticity, but I can vouch for quality. King Taco is the tits.

Commerce Casino

We were staying at three different hotels on this trip, and for the first leg we stayed at the Crowne Plaza Commerce Casino. The Commerce Casino is apparently the world’s largest card gaming casino. No slots or any of that nonsense. Just cards.

Interior Hotel

The lobby is decorated with a sort of Roman-Babylonian theme. I didn’t really take the time to explore the place too terribly much, seeing as I am way too timid to play cards.

Interior Hotel 2

Obviously pictures of the gaming area are frowned upon, so this is all I took.


Alarm sounds like Whoop.
Alarm sounds like Whoop.
I love that so much.

Sleeping gambler

I’m guessing this dude pulled a Pai Gow all-nighter. Or he’s dead.


The Casino is conveniently located near a large outlet mall. We popped over there for a few hours and I found a positively awesome Toothless plush (I didn’t get it, however, since luggage space was at a premium). I got one a few months later from our local Toys R Us.

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