California Banner

This is going to be a pretty long TPS Report, folks. This one is going to cover our 2013 trip to Southern California. We spent ten days in the greater Los Angeles area, and this is going to document as much of that trip as possible. So get comfortable.

Onboard the plane

Here’s the obligatory “I’m on an airplane” picture. No clue where the hell we are.


I read once that H.G. Wells was inspired by this restaurant’s design when he first conceived of the design of the alien tripods from “War of the Worlds.” Some say that’s nonsense since the building opened in 1961 and Wells died in 1946, but come on – did they seriously not see “Time After Time?”

Angels Stadium

We went directly from the airport to Angel Stadium in Anaheim. We had tickets to the July 4th game between the Angels and the St Louis Cardinals. While we weren’t really fans of either team, a baseball game on the Fourth of July just sounded right.

Karen and Mickey

Delays at the airport did slow us down a bit, so we didn’t get there until the fifth inning. As a result, it was really easy to get pictures with the Mickey out front (the Walt Disney Company was a minority shareholder in the team from 1992 to 2003).

Angels game

I’m no expert when it comes to ball fields, but I thought Angel Stadium was really nice.

Beyond the Stadium

In the bottom right of the above picture, you can see a cool landscape feature that has geysers, a stream, trees, and a sort of homage to Pride Rock from “The Lion King.”  In the background, you can see what I’m guessing is the San Gabriel Mountains.

Us at the game

One of the things we were really hoping for was that maybe former Gamecock pitcher Michael Roth would pitch some relief. Sadly, he didn’t get called in for this game.

Angels Field Panned

Despite not getting to see Roth, it was a solid game. The Angels were down 4-3 when we first got there, and the Cards added one more run by the time we were seated.

Weiner dude

I’m not sure whether this guy is trying to sell a hot dog or if he’s just a really big fan of Theon Greyjoy on “Game of Thrones.”

Rally Monkey

Nobody told me there was gonna be a Rally Monkey.

Angels win

Josh Hamilton ended up banging out a two-run homer in the ninth, and Erick Aybar finished things out with an opposite field single to bring in Howie Kendrick.  And this concludes probably the only sportsball stuff you’ll ever have to read here.

Fireworks 1

The game was capped off by a pretty darn good fireworks show.

Fireworks 2

In my opinion, any Fourth of July show that can avoid both “I’m Proud to Be an American” and “Born in the USA” gets props from me (the former because it’s just an awful song; the latter because I’ve actually listened to the lyrics).

Angels Stadium at night

All things considered, this was a great start to our trip.