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 Continuing along in the France area, we encounter this section’s E-ticket:

Griffon Entrance Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Opened in 2007, this B&M coaster was technically the first floorless dive coaster (SheiKra came first, but it wasn’t floorless until a conversion was performed after Griffon’s opening). And as we all know, “technically right” is the best kind of “right.”

Griffon Line Busch Gardens Williamsburg

These photos, incidentally, were taken during Memorial Day weekend 2007 – the second weekend the coaster was open to the public. I’d say it was popular.

Steve and Teddy Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Always nice to have guest stars in out TPS Report – everyone say hi to Teddy!

Griffon Knight Busch Gardens Williamsburg

I don’t know if the knight is a regular character or just an opening year thing. I hope he’s a regular, because it was a cool touch (then again, I’m never going to complain about a park having too many characters).

Griffon line 2 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

You know the line is serious when there’s a damn beverage stand in the middle of it.

Griffon 4 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Dive coasters are great fun, but honestly they’re kind of one trick ponies.

Griffon Drop 1 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

But it’s a damn fine trick. The train reaches the end of the lift and stops for a moment.

Griffon Drop 3 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The train is only held for a few seconds, but it’s definitely long enough for you to really think about what’s important.

Griffon Drop 2 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The train is released, and it’s 90 degrees straight down, clocking at 71 mph.

Griffon 1 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The trains fly back up into an incredibly smooth Immelmann loop…

Griffon 3 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Closer shot of the train, in all its floorless glory.  Hmmm.  Floorless glory.  Flory.

Griffon 2 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Coming out of the Immelmann, the train hits an MCBR and riders experience a bit of déjà vu. There’s a second near-vertical drop followed by another Immelmann.

Griffon Splashdown Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Coming out of that Immelmann, riders hit a small airtime hill followed by a splashdown. The splashdown reduces the speed considerably, and the trains take one more comfortably banked turn back to the station.

mess o metal

Given the choice between the two, I would want Griffon in SheiKra’s location.  Griffon is the better overall ride, but there are certain elements that work better for the Tampa version. I prefer the slight tunnel effect SheiKra’s drop has, and the view from up top is far better (Griffon’s lift hill view of the brewery next door just sucks)

New France Busch Gardens Williamsburg

So the New France area is actually more of a French Canadian thing. I’m not entirely sure how that works with the European theme of the rest of the park, but whatever.

Bears Paw Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Everyone loves the bear, but no one knows what the hell The Bear’s Paw sells.

Trappers Smokehouse Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Trappers Smokehouse definitely lives up to the “smoke” part of its name. I don’t know how the food is, but I must say that when I say BBQ, I don’t think “Canada.”

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