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Welcome to Ireland, or as we say in America “Wait, it’s not the same as Scotland?”

Ireland entrance Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The Irish section is actually the newest section of the park. Well, technically it’s just a retheme of the area’s previous British theme. Whatever. The bottom line is that they added a new country. Come on, when’s the last time Epcot added a new country?


Irish area wide Busch Gardens Williamsburg

One thing I really hate about the Busch Gardens parks is their maps. Instead of going with the more common “brochure” type map, they give out oversized unfolded maps that you have to fold up and pretty much ruin. Luckily, there are signs to help out.

Directions Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Okay, maybe that sign wasn’t so helpful.

Abbey Stone Theater Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The Abbey Stone Theatre is home to some sort of Irish dance show.  I saw a commercial for Riverdance once. Haven’t I been punished enough?

Lorikeet sign Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Ireland is also home to many animal areas. The Lorikeet Glen is the newest area.

Lorikeet Busch Gardens Williamsburg

This enclosed area allows guests to enter and interact directly with lorikeets.  This is especially awesome if you enjoy getting pooped on (and who doesn’t).

Lorikeet 2 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

I’m not a big fan of birds. All it takes is the right relative with the right parrot to turn a person against them. If you’ve never experienced that, you’re quite lucky.

Steve and Lorikeet Busch Gardens Williamsburg

But these little guys are cool. They have gorgeous plumage, and they’re quite social.

Steve and Lorikeet 2 Busch Gardens Williamsburg

But if you have a shirt with buttons, watch it.  These little suckers LOVE to unbutton things.

Birds Busch Gardens Williamsburg

But yeah, there’s lot of animals in the Ireland section. There’s birds…

Wolf Busch Gardens Williamsburg


Eagles Busch Gardens Williamsburg



Clydesdales (though not those Clydesdales)…

Coo Coo CaChoo Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Yes, indeed.  There certainly are lots of animals to see in the park.  On a hot summer day, Busch Gardens can be downright exhausting.

Busch Gardens is Exhausting!


Corkscrew Hill Busch Gardens Williamsburg

If I recall correctly, Corkscrew Hill was an odd variation on simulator rides like Star Tours. Instead of being in a smaller ride vehicle, you were in a theatre with a floor that moved. I don’t really remember what the storyline was, but it doesn’t matter. Corkscrew Hill closed in 2009 and was replaced by the similar “Europe in the Air” attraction. I’ve heard it described as a poor man’s Soarin’.

Michael Statue France Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Moving along, we now find ourselves in the Aquitaine (France) section of the park. That statue, by the way, is of Michael slaying the dragon/demon/Satan.

That’s just all kinds of badass for a park.

Skyway Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens’ skyway has three different stations (Germany, France and England).  While this is an effective transport method, be aware that they will make you get off and queue up again at each individual destination. Kind of a pain in the ass, really.

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