Animal Kingdom – 2

ITTBAB is a pretty fun little show.  The 3D is well presented, and the 4D effects are well integrated into the show. The real showstopper, however, is an animatronic of the Hopper character that briefly crashes the proceedings.  It’s always fun to listen to all the kids crying when he shows up.

Tree of Life detail in ITTBAB Disney Animal Kingdom

By the way, It’s Tough to be a Bug is a “later in the day” attraction.  There’s rarely a wait.  Besides, you’ll appreciate that air conditioned theatre a helluva lot more later.

Cotton Top Terrapin at Disney Animal Kingdom

If you head left at the Tree of Life, you’ll be moving towards the Africa section of the park.  Be sure to say hello to the cotton top tamarins.  Be nice to them – they’re some of the rarest primates in the world.

Pizzafari DIsney Animal Kingdom

We used to hit Pizzafari every morning for some pretty fantastic breakfast pizza.  Sadly, it looks like they no longer have breakfast options here.

Creature Comforts DIsney Animal Kingdom

I guess you can go next door and hit up Creature Comforts (love their sign, by the way)

Inside Creature Comforts Disney Animal Kingdom

They have most of the pastries and such that you’ll get from a Starbucks.  They did not, however, have cold brew when we went there.  If I can’t get my solo venti cold brew with 4 shots of white mocha, you’re dead to me.

Cool Light Fixture DIsney Animal Kingdom

Awesome light fixture.

Entrance to Africa DIsney Animal Kingdom

Alright, so we’re moving into the Africa section of the park now (looking at the map, you’ll see that Discover Island functions very much like the hub at Magic Kingdom – you can access each of the major lands from there).

Africa Wide Shot DIsney Animal Kingdom

The African village depicted here is called “Harambe.”  Yes, I know that name has taken on a new meaning, but this place has had the name since the park opened.  They’re not going to re-do the entire park because of one unfortunate incident.  Also, be aware that pretty much every good joke you can think of has already been made. Let it go, Elsa.

Dawa Bar DIsney Animal Kingdom

Well, since I couldn’t get a cold brew back at the Starbucks, perhaps I’ll have to settle for a regular old brew from the Dawa Bar.

Tamu Tamu DIsney Animal Kingdom

Wait a minute – it’s only like 9:20 in the morning. I’m pretty sure people who drink beer that early in a Disney park could be classified as having a problem.  Let’s go over to Tamu Tamu and see what they have there that could be more appropriate.

Alcoholic Dole Whip DIsney Animal Kingdom

Alcoholic Dole Whips.  Let me repeat that: ALCOHOLIC DOLE WHIPS.

Okay, now let’s be honest.  They’re not that good.  They work as a concept, but the execution doesn’t really work.  It’s really just a cup of delicious Dole whip with some rum on top.  The flavors want to go together SO BADLY, but they just don’t integrate.  If we had a little more time, we probably could have used an empty cup to properly layer the alcohol into the Dole Whip and you know what the more I think about it the more I realize that anyone actually doing that would definitely be classified as having a problem.  Let’s move on.

Kilmanjaro Safari Disney Animal Kingdom

So the first thing to do as soon as you get to Animal Kingdom (ignore that bit about the alcoholic Dole Whips), is head directly to Kilimanjaro Safari.  If you get to the park at opening and don’t dawdle too much, you should be able to get on within 15 minutes or so.  Don’t go burning off an early morning Fastpass on this – save those for the other E-tickets in the park.

Whos Who on the Kilmanjaro Safari

For many years, Kilimanjaro Safari had a storyline about how you were looking for poachers while observing the animals, but they’ve gradually removed most of that.  While I appreciate the sentiment, it was rather heavy handed and distracted from the beauty and majesty inherent in the animals.

Addax Disney Animal Kingdom

The reason you want to hit the Safari easy is fairly straight-forward – animals are more active in the mornings than they are as the day progresses.  Addax, like the two above, are generally nocturnal animals. Of course, they’re also more accustomed to dealing with desert conditions, so maybe Florida isn’t that big a deal.

Black Rhinoceros Disney Animal Kingdom

Black rhinoceroses aren’t necessarily black in color – they range in color from brown to grey.  They’re also known as hook-lipped rhinoceroses; keep that fact in mind, as we’ll be coming back to it in a page or two.

Steve shooting on the Kilmanjaro Safari

I hope all this “facts about animals” stuff is interesting.  I promise there’ll be dick and fart jokes later.

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