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So I thought Rampage was a pretty decent ride apart from those pesky dang potholes.   It wasn’t in the same league as The Raven or Shivering Timbers (both extremely well regarded CCI coasters), but it’s a helluva lot better than the Myrtle Beach Pavilion’s defunct Hurricane: Category Five.  Of course, the chair torture scene from “Casino Royale” seems like it would be more enjoyable than that piece of crap Hurricane.

Rampage 1 Alabama Adventure

The name Rampage, incidentally, was the winner of a “name that ride” contest.

Rampage 2 Alabama Adventure

Too bad I rode this so late in its life.  It did seem like a ride that was probably really good early on.  If only someone would come along and save this coaster.

Rampage 3 Alabama Adventure

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a little something we call foreshadowing.

Zoomerang Sign Alabama Adventure

Like Rampage, the park had a contest to name its Vekoma Boomerang coaster.  “Zoomerang.” Sigh.  Out of 6,500 suggested names, they picked Zoomerang.  The same damn name as the identical coaster at Lake Compounce.

Zoomerang wide 2 Alabama Adventure

Before coming to Alabama Adventure in 2005, this coaster was located in Australia.  Over there, it went by badass names like “Titan” and “The Demon.”

Zoomerang 1 Alabama Adventure

We got Zoomerang. At least they didn’t go the full-blown lazy route and just call it “Boomerang” (there are 15 other parks with the same coaster with that name).

Zoomerang 2 Alabama Adventure

Look, I know it’s trendy to poop on pretty much 95 percent of what Vekoma makes, but here’s the crazy thing about Zoomerang: it was the best boomerang I’ve ever been on.

Zoomerang 3 Alabama Adventure

Yeah, it’s the same generic ride experience you’ll get on any other boomerang.  The trains here felt more comfortable and the overall ride was certainly smoother.

Zoomerang 4 Alabama Adventure

But let’s not get crazy here.  Being the best boomerang out there is somewhat akin to having a great case of diarrhea. Given a choice, you’d rather just avoid it.

Lee Reunion Alabama Adventure

After that fun, we all met up in one of the picnic shelters to goof around.  For a moment, I was hoping these would be some of mi familia, but turns out “Lee” is a common name.

Random fact: for years I got mail that said I was entitled to a Korean scholarship fund.  That’s what I think it said, at least, considering it was mostly written in Korean.

(note: I am not Korean.  Turns out “Lee” is a REALLY common name)

GAP Pavilion Alabama Adventure

I have to admit, the sign was a nice touch.

Hanging around the shelter Alabama Adventure

There were exciting contests for random used park equipment.  Julie won a real wheel from one of Rampage’s trains. I’m not sure they put a new wheel on in its place, though.

Enterprise and Ferris Wheel Alabama Adventure

After dicking around for a bit, we all trekked up to the top of a hill overlooking the park.  Here’s a better view of that Enterprise in action (and a scrambler I totally missed).

Tommy and Zoomerang Alabama Adventure

This is one of my favorite pictures of Tommy. I should have waited for a train.

Zoomerang 5 Alabama Adventure

The hill allowed for a great view of the park’s main coasters. Here’s Zoomerang.

Zoomerang wide Alabama Adventure

From the opposite side of Zoomerang, you get a better idea of where we’re at.  This was taken on the way up to the hill, which runs parallel to the coaster.

Rampage wide Alabama Adventure
And here’s Rampage about to go into its drop (why do people put their hands up so early?  You’re not a daredevil putting your hands up on a straightaway).

The real treat of going up that hill, incidentally, is on the next page.

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