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Okay, one more shot of the ferris wheel real quick.

Ferris Wheel Alabama Adventure

Moving on…

Crazy Dance Alabama Adventure

Mind Spinner was a standard crazy dance ride. Despite my stated aversion to spinning rides, these things really are just stupid fun.

Music Express Alabama Adventure

Hurricane was a Musik Express ride.

Music Express detail Alabama Adventure

I have to admit I’m a little confused as to why they called this ride Hurricane.  Music Express would have been a more logical name based on the paint job.

Music Express side Alabama Adventure

Ultimately, these things are a dime a dozen. I think my local fair has two of them (along with two flying bobs rides). They’re fun, and at least here you probably rarely have to endure some moron incessantly yelling “Do you want to go faster” over the PA system.  OF COURSE we want to go faster, jackass! Turn this thing up to eleven!

Umbrella Alabama Adventure

It was really, really hot. They definitely need more of these umbrellas.

Carousel Alabama Adventure

The Midway Carousel was a nice enough Chance carousel.

Carousel Detail 1 Alabama Adventure

There are a lot of MUCH nicer carousels out there, but what can you do?

Carousel Lead Horse Alabama Adventure

It was well maintained, so no complaints from me.

Ringworm Alabama Adventure

Every visitor to the park is eligible to get free ringworm. Seriously, wear shoes people.

Weather Rock Alabama Adventure

Yes, the weather rock thing is stupid. I still laughed. Stupid jokes can still be funny.

Drop Tower Alabama Adventure

Interesting thing about the drop tower – they started out with a pair,  but at some point in time they chose to get rid of one.  Or it got repoed.

Ricky's Backstage Grill Alabama Adventure

I have no memory of eating at the park, but we surely must have had something.  So I’m guessing it was either entirely nondescript or blackout-inducing.

Rampage entrance Alabama Adventure

One of the big draws to this park for me was the wooden roller coaster Rampage.  Here’s the completely random unmarked entrance. No, really.  I have no clue where the hell the sign to this thing is.  I found pictures from 2000 over on RCDB proving that at some point in time there was a sign, but I’ll be damned if I ever saw it.

Rampage Drop Alabama Adventure

This CCI woodie opened with the park in 1998 and was pretty well rated at first.  Here’s the first element, a 102 foot drop.

Rampage 4 Alabama Adventure

You’ll note that I said the ride was well rated “at first.” By the time we got there, it had developed some pretty severe potholes. Repeat rides would show that the blue train was a little more generous to riders than the red train.  Still some rough bumps, though.

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