Alabama / Splash Adventure

Alabama Adventure wasn’t really a park that registered on our radars. If it hadn’t been for Tommy over at organizing an informal event there back in 2009, we probably wouldn’t have made it over.

Entrance to Alabama Adventure

The park opened back in 1998 with the name “VisionLand.” Eleven Alabama cities got together and borrowed $65 million to build the park.

Parking Lot Birds at Alabama Adventure

Can’t really explain why we thought the birds in the parking lot were so funny.

Map Alabama Adventure

It wasn’t a terribly big park, so park maps would probably be an unnecessary expense.  Instead, there were pictures of maps around. Good enough?.

Celebration Entrance Alabama Adventure

The park was made up of three basic areas – Celebration City (which was the basic main street area with a few rides), Marvel City (where you’d find the bulk of the attractions), and Splash Adventure (the extremely popular water park).

Main Street Tavern Alabama Adventure

The main street was mostly shops and eateries.  Main Street Tavern was good for the hooch. They also sold alcohol.

Main Street Candy Shop Alabama Adventure

Nothing goes better with booze than candy apples, amirite?

ice cream shop Alabama Adventure

A little further down was an ice cream shop.  I tried to explain to Karen that I was pretty sure I blinked, but apparently I wasn’t the actual focus of this picture. Go figure.

Main Street Sportswear Alabama Adventure

You got me with this one.  Is it a gift shop?  Is it a sportswear shop?  Is it Animaland?  Is it a kid’s trading post? And why the hell does it look like a pharmacy?

Main Street Coke Corner Alabama Adventure

At least it’s a Coke park instead of a crap-Pepsi park.  They really broke the budget on those stencils, didn’t they?

Marvel City sign Alabama Adventure

So enough of Main Street. Let’s blaze on over to Marvel City.  Okay, honestly it’s only like ten feet further.

Children's Ride Alabama Adventure

They had a pretty good selection of rides for the shorties.

Children's Ferris Wheel Thing Alabama Adventure

Of course, most children’s rides are just slowed-down spinners and variations on a ferris wheel.  Nothing too aggressive

Back Section of Alabama Adventure

Moving on to the back section of the park, we find a few of the big kid rides.

Bumper Cars Alabama Adventure

There were only like six bumper cars. I guess it’s one family at a time…

Ferris Wheel 3 Alabama Adventure

They actually had a pretty intense ferris wheel.  Each individual gondola had a spin wheel in the center, so riders could spin it in circles while they went around.  So it was essentially some crazy combination ferris wheel / teacup ride.

Ferris Wheel 2 Alabama Adventure

I didn’t trust anyone there enough to ride it.  Me and spinners have a hate-hate relationship.

Enterprise Alabama Adventure

Now an Enterprise?  Yeah, I’m cool with the Enterprises.

Cedar Point Fountain at Alabama Adventure

Now Big Al says they bought this fountain from Cedar Point.  It seems plausible, but he also says dogs can’t look up.

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