Boo Who? Adventures in Scareacting

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One of the coordinators walked in, and asked one of us to come back in. We all exchanged intrigued expressions as she went back in. She was gone for maybe a minute, then came back in. They had specifically asked her to “look scared.”

A few more moments passed, and the coordinator appears again. She asked for 2571.

Oh shit, that’s me!

They asked if I would have any issues about growing out my beard. I warned them that it would potentially look ridiculous, but that I had no aversions to doing it (and it will look silly. We’re talking salt, pepper, and paprika). “Go ahead and start growing it” they said, and that was all. I asked about my head, and they said it was okay to keep that shaved (thank goodness – you don’t want to know how bad my hair looks when it’s allowed to grow out).

Jack presides over the Rat Race maze – Halloween Horror Nights 15 (2005)

I returned to the adjoining room, and gave the rest of the folks the update for me. “Oh shit, you’re a Hopper,” someone said, thinking that perhaps I had a shot at the Stranger Things character played by David Harbour. I pshawed that idea off, because I don’t look a thing like him. In my head, though, I was repeating what had been said in the room – “Go ahead and start growing it.”

Did I just get picked? And if so, what the hell for?

One more fellow was pulled back in, and for him they wanted to know if he always needed to wear his glasses. And that was it for the additional questions.

Finally the coordinator returns, and calls out maybe seven numbers. The folks who were called were unfortunately not selected tonight, but again remember that your information is on file and they do continue casting all the way into the event itself. The coordinator led those folks out of the room. The rest of us stayed there, trying to keep it together. Now, I want to say that we were all excited about getting selected, but we all seemed to show it by being excited for that kid from earlier. He was definitely in shock.

Random Pumkinhead character – Halloween Horror Nights 18 (2008)

We were eventually ushered back to the lobby and given a bit more paperwork to complete. Our numbers grew as other folks who made the cut joined us. Eventually we went back into a conference room (OMFG, the Amity room) and did a little more paperwork, watched a PowerPoint presentation, basic “welcome to the family” stuff.

When it was all said and done, I walked out of HR at 11:30pm. The process had taken about four hours and consisted of a lot of “get ready to wait” moments. That’s not a criticism, mind you – they have to process a lot of people through for this, and I can’t think of a way that it could have been more streamlined. If you audition, bring a book (or make sure your phone is fully charged).

I had no idea what I was going to be doing. All I knew was that I was in.

So now what?

to be continued…